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Welcome to Hello Kids International School! 

Welcome to Hello Kids International School, our Yokohama campus! We hope you enjoy learning more about our Thematic style teaching philosophy, our classes as well as the special events we will hold - and much more! Please stop by anytime to view one of our classes!

  1. Our Saturday class has been open from April 2017! This class runs weekly from 9am-12pm!
  2. Kindergarten Class (930am-2pm): Open everyday! Preschool Class (930am-2pm): Open Monday`s and Thursday`s!
  3. Afternoon Class (3pm-6pm or 3pm-440pm): Open Monday`s and Thursday`s!

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Hello Kids Tsurumi International School 


1-10-14-2F Tsurumi Chuo, Tsurumi-ku 

Yokohama City, Kanagawa, JAPAN


PHONE: 045-834-8986

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